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It is no secret that we have amazingly low prices for designing and creating websites. The reason for this is that we pass on to you the savings we make by using top-quality templates that exist for free on the Internet, as a framework for your website. This is “off-the-shelf” + coding unique to your website. Actually, this is what many web-design companies do, but they don’t tell you and don’t pass on the benefits they get from saving design time!

We only charge you for the actual time we spend doing your website. We think that is fair, and means we sleep well at night without doing mental gymnastics to justify our prices.


WordPress is an incredible free piece of software made to help non-coders develop and maintain websites. You can read our short description about it here.

So, a popular option to create a website is to choose a WordPress Template as a base. Millions and millions of websites have been made by using a WordPress template. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for websites in the world.

Advantages of WordPress

Firstly, there are many amazing truly “free” templates that you can use. We have an extensive library of free templates for you to view, and are happy to use as a base the one you like the most. We pass on these savings directly to you.

Secondly, we can adjust the template to give you the unique look and feel that you desire.

Thirdly, once finished and published, the learning curve for making changes to website content or adding a new post is not difficult with WordPress. We can teach you or your designated staff how to do this and even build in some protections so no-one can ‘break the site’. Of course, using your own staff to maintain the website content brings you even more savings.

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Pure Coding

Another option to create a website is to build it from scratch. In these cases the client usually has a favourite site or two in mind as a reference, and would like us to build their website accordingly. The disadvantage of pure coding is that it costs more that using a WordPress template as it takes much longer, and once finished, in our experience the client’s staff will not have the expertise to maintain the site. However, the advantage of this approach is that the client is not limited by a pre-existing structure (like a WordPress template) and so there is more flexibility to get exactly what they are looking for.

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